Lending Library & Membership

We have a large collection of baby carriers, including several different brands of ring slings, mei tais, soft-structured carriers (buckle carriers), and wraps that are free to try at our meetings. Only paid members in good standing are allowed to check-out carriers for a period of 1 month for each carrier. Membership is $30, tax deductible, and good for 12 months.

Membership Agreement:

Please fill out this form in advance to attending a meeting that you would like your membership to begin: https://docs.google.com/a/babywearinginternational.org/forms/d/1EWid8HsHZ6iMC60ZiUpYc7YeVQLAt6Uv8vHQaYikD4M/viewform

Membership payment:

We accept several forms of payment for membership at each meeting:

1) $30 payment via PayPal to sandiego@babywearinginternational.org to friends/family. A deposit check is not needed, but please be aware that in the event a carrier is damaged, not returned, lost, etc., we will use this address to send an invoice for the value of the carrier.

2) $30 check or exact cash (check made payable to Babywearing International of San Diego) and an undated deposit check for $100 also made payable to Babywearing International of San Diego.

Lending Library Check In and Check Out Policies:

If you have a carrier to return but will be unable to attend the meeting, please contact the leader who lives closest to you through our Facebook group (in the About section for leaders and locations).

We will no longer be doing check ins/outs before the demo, and ask that all carriers remain at the meeting for approximately one hour (about 11:30) to give all members a chance to try on the various carriers/wraps.

Each of the locations now has a separate library. Please keep that in mind if there is a certain carrier you are looking for. It may be at the other location.



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