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As we are growing and expanding, we have moved our updates to a public Facebook page!

Join us here to get the most current information on our meetings. You do not need a Facebook account to view the page, but if you do, you can subscribe to the events so that you are notified each time we have a meeting or playdate!


Washing Lending Library Carriers

BWI of San Diego is now allowing our members the option of laundering carriers in your possession. All of the lending library carriers are cotton, cotton/linen blend, or cotton/Tencel blend. These carriers were chosen because these fabric blends are easy to launder. If you are looking for instructions to launder your own carriers, please check the tag for more specific instructions.

2013-02-12 11.44.34

Laundering Lending Library Carriers

Laundering the carrier in your possession is not required. We advise you to take a sample of Country Save laundry detergent just in case the carrier gets soiled while you have it checked out. For small stains (drops of spit up, breast milk, formula, etc.), spot cleaning may be all that’s necessary. Washing does shorten the life of the carrier, so keep that in mind. If you do not have the resources to launder it yourself, please contact a leader or email

Most carriers will have washing instructions on the tag, but below we have indicated how we would prefer for all our lending library carries to be cared for. If you have any doubt, please ask a volunteer.

For ring slings, remove the fabric from the rings; for buckle carriers, loosen the straps and fasten the buckles. If you have an agitator in your washer, you may opt to place buckle carriers and mei tais inside a mesh laundering bag or pillowcase to keep the buckles from breaking and the straps from getting tangled around the agitator.  If there are any stains, rub some water and detergent gently into the stain. (If you have Buncha Farmers Stick, you may also use that.) Wash in the delicate cycle in cold water with just a little bit of detergent. Cotton wraps and ring slings may be placed in LOW HEAT in the dryer or hung to dry. All mei tais and buckle carriers should be hung to dry in a shaded area. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for the carrier to dry completely.

If you have any questions, please contact a leader or send an email to the address above.

What Happens at a Lending Library Meeting

…or how you too, can meet the magical mama Elves that helped me do a 180 turn, from wanting to burn my 20 ft long Moby and throw it into the ocean never to be found again, into loving and buying so many wraps that I justify my wrap stash by mumbling to myself that it’s an investment that will one day to pay for my child’s college. 😉

First there are introductions.

VBE Kat Berling

VBE Kat Picson Berling

Followed by a demo of all four major carrier types. Soft Structure Carrier/SCC (think backpack for baby),  ringsling (the one with small metal hoops), mei tai (a panel of fabric with octopus looking legs coming from it)  and wraps (freakishly long piece of fabric that might look eerily similar to your grandma’s tablecloth).

VBE Brianna Fanelli

VBE Brianna Fanelli

Mei Tai Demonstration

VBE Liz Hampton

VBE Liz Hampton

Ringsling Troubleshooting

Next comes the mad dash /slow mosey (depends on how much coffee all the adults have had) to the different tables with carriers. At each table there are various brands of the four specific carriers mentioned above, that you can try on or/and borrow. Also at the table there is one or two VBE’s to answer questions and troubleshoot with you.

You’re free to come and go as you wish, but there is always someone to check in and out a carrier.

20150414_105535Library check-out

Babies are cuddled.


Friendships are formed.20150414_113417

And your new best friend may be that frazzled looking mom in the corner with the same sleep deprived look as you. Oh wait, that’s me. Lol! However, even if I’m sleep deprived, I now know how to use my Moby so I can hold a drink in one hand and food in the other at least,while my little one sleeps.

2015 Meeting and Playdate Schedule

We have made some changes to our meeting and playdate schedule for 2015 (see below). These are subject to change, and most current information will be available on our Facebook page:

Lynelle and Christina

For more information, please email us at

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Growing and Changing…

We are still undergoing some growing pains as we transition our group into a chapter of Babywearing International, but all of the changes happening are very good ones!

One of our more exciting changes is that we have now secured new indoor locations for our meetings (with bathrooms!). Our 2nd Tuesday of the month meetings will now be held at the United Church of Christ in La Mesa. And the Point Loma library is very excited to be sponsoring our second meeting in November (in place of the Tierrasanta location)! We are working on being sponsored by different library locations around town each month, hopefully bringing meeting locations to a neighborhood near you!

Also, we have several newly accredited (but long standing hugely experienced) Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs)! Congratulations to Brianna Fanelli, Katie Dwyer, and Shannon Korreck Stewart for completing this process! Our other experienced leaders are working on this requirement as they juggle family, school, other volunteer jobs, and part-time and full-time jobs!

A big shout out to all of those who came to our celebration during International Babywearing Week on October 11th! It’s always fun getting babywearers together to party. And thank you to our supportive community for your patience and understanding as we grow! We have lots of exciting ideas on the table that we hope to develop and bring to you in the forthcoming months!

Happy Babywearing!

Welcome to Babywearing International of San Diego!

The Central lending library of Babywearing San Diego is pleased to announce that we have joined Babywearing International and will be known as Babywearing International of San Diego. Please note that it is only the central portion of Babywearing San Diego that will be affiliated with Babywearing International. The North County lending library will continue to be independently run as Babywearing San Diego. If you would like to join the new Facebook Group for Babywearing International of San Diego, please follow this link: For further details, please read on!

What is the difference?

Babywearing International is a national organization that has been around since 2007. It is a national non-profit organization that has the same aims and goals that Babywearing San Diego has promoted, which is the safe, comfortable art and skill of babywearing. As an affiliated chapter, we will receive support and publicity from the national organization.

What are the benefits of BWI membership?

BWI of San Diego members will have the opportunity to attend special members-only events, further education in babywearing from accredited leadership, and may receive discounts and promotions specific to BWI members. This expands our membership beyond just lending library privileges. We encourage membership for all participants, but membership is not required to attend meetings.

Additionally, the group itself benefits by carrying liability insurance, holding non-profit status, receiving carrier donations for our library, access to extensive educator support networks, and participation in International Babywearing Week.

How does this change the lending library?

For current members, there will be no noticeable change. We will serve those who have existing library memberships until they expire. Upon expiration, members may choose to renew as Babywearing International members. Future members and renewing members will see little change as well, except if you itemize your taxes, your membership dues may be claimed as a deduction (donation).

Lending library dues will remain at $30 annually.

For the mean time, lending library meetings will continue to be held twice a month as normal, and playdates will continue on the previous schedule as well. We look forward to adding some new playdates and library meetings in the near future!

We plan to cycle out some of the current lending library carriers, as Babywearing International only allows us to lend out items that are CPSIA compliant. We plan to add many new items to the library, as well.

Who are the leaders of Babywearing International of San Diego?

Babywearing International has an accreditation process for leaders, and they are known as Volunteer Babywearing Educators or VBEs. VBEs must go through a skills assessment and a written evaluation to receive the title. A VBE is also insured for liability while educating and serving as a VBE. Currently all of the Central leaders have either attained certification or are in the process of certification, as noted below:

Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs)

Kat Picson Berling (Scripps Ranch)

Katie Dwyer (Fairmount Park)

Brianna Fanelli (National City)

Liz Hampton (Clairemont)

Tiffany Kyle (College Area)

Stephanie Paterno (Rancho Bernardo)

Christina Esler Pitts (Rolando)

Shannon Korreck Stewart

Chapter Support Volunteers

Angel Casabar (City Heights)

Volunteer Babywearing Educators in progress:

Cassiopeia Guthrie

Liz Santos (Tierrasanta)

Lynelle Stanley (El Cajon)

If you have to return a lending library carrier, you may contact the leader who is nearest to you and arrange to drop it off at their home.

How does this change the group page?

The current Babywearing San Diego page and off-topic group page will be maintained and led by the North County leaders only.

The leaders of Babywearing International of San Diego (formerly the central lending library of Babywearing San Diego) have created a new group page for you to join if you wish. You do not have to be a dues-paying member to join the new page, although we will strongly encourage those who are current members of the central lending library to join the new page for meeting and playdate schedules, and any other announcements. The rules and guidelines for the page will be similar to Babywearing San Diego’s. Members of Babywearing San Diego regardless of location are welcome to be a part of both groups. BWI San Diego events and playdates will be posted only on the new page.

The leaders of Babywearing San Diego and Babywearing International of San Diego will continue to have a relationship as we strive to promote and educate caregivers on babywearing in San Diego County.

To join the Facebook group for Babywearing International of San Diego, please follow this link: