Washing Lending Library Carriers

BWI of San Diego is now allowing our members the option of laundering carriers in your possession. All of the lending library carriers are cotton, cotton/linen blend, or cotton/Tencel blend. These carriers were chosen because these fabric blends are easy to launder. If you are looking for instructions to launder your own carriers, please check the tag for more specific instructions.

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Laundering Lending Library Carriers

Laundering the carrier in your possession is not required. We advise you to take a sample of Country Save laundry detergent just in case the carrier gets soiled while you have it checked out. For small stains (drops of spit up, breast milk, formula, etc.), spot cleaning may be all that’s necessary. Washing does shorten the life of the carrier, so keep that in mind. If you do not have the resources to launder it yourself, please contact a leader or email sandiego@babywearinginternational.org

Most carriers will have washing instructions on the tag, but below we have indicated how we would prefer for all our lending library carries to be cared for. If you have any doubt, please ask a volunteer.

For ring slings, remove the fabric from the rings; for buckle carriers, loosen the straps and fasten the buckles. If you have an agitator in your washer, you may opt to place buckle carriers and mei tais inside a mesh laundering bag or pillowcase to keep the buckles from breaking and the straps from getting tangled around the agitator.  If there are any stains, rub some water and detergent gently into the stain. (If you have Buncha Farmers Stick, you may also use that.) Wash in the delicate cycle in cold water with just a little bit of detergent. Cotton wraps and ring slings may be placed in LOW HEAT in the dryer or hung to dry. All mei tais and buckle carriers should be hung to dry in a shaded area. Please allow at least 24-48 hours for the carrier to dry completely.

If you have any questions, please contact a leader or send an email to the address above.


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