What Happens at a Lending Library Meeting

…or how you too, can meet the magical mama Elves that helped me do a 180 turn, from wanting to burn my 20 ft long Moby and throw it into the ocean never to be found again, into loving and buying so many wraps that I justify my wrap stash by mumbling to myself that it’s an investment that will one day to pay for my child’s college. 😉

First there are introductions.

VBE Kat Berling

VBE Kat Picson Berling

Followed by a demo of all four major carrier types. Soft Structure Carrier/SCC (think backpack for baby),  ringsling (the one with small metal hoops), mei tai (a panel of fabric with octopus looking legs coming from it)  and wraps (freakishly long piece of fabric that might look eerily similar to your grandma’s tablecloth).

VBE Brianna Fanelli

VBE Brianna Fanelli

Mei Tai Demonstration

VBE Liz Hampton

VBE Liz Hampton

Ringsling Troubleshooting

Next comes the mad dash /slow mosey (depends on how much coffee all the adults have had) to the different tables with carriers. At each table there are various brands of the four specific carriers mentioned above, that you can try on or/and borrow. Also at the table there is one or two VBE’s to answer questions and troubleshoot with you.

You’re free to come and go as you wish, but there is always someone to check in and out a carrier.

20150414_105535Library check-out

Babies are cuddled.


Friendships are formed.20150414_113417

And your new best friend may be that frazzled looking mom in the corner with the same sleep deprived look as you. Oh wait, that’s me. Lol! However, even if I’m sleep deprived, I now know how to use my Moby so I can hold a drink in one hand and food in the other at least,while my little one sleeps.


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